Buying Gas Lights

Gas lights have begun to see a surge in popularity in recent years. With the ever-growing demand for decorative gas lighting, gas light manufacturers, such as Gas Lite America and Legendary Lighting have begun to create a variety of natural gas and propane gas light models to meet both the needs and desires of consumers. With all of the options available, such as open flame, mantle and even electronic ignition gas lights, choosing the right gas lights for you home can leave you feeling dizzy. The following tips can help make your gas light decision a little less stressful.

  1. Set a Budget – The most important thing to remember when purchasing gas lights for your home is that gas lights can be expensive. Many gas lights, especially those made from copper or brass, are hand-crafted to help ensure even the smallest details get the utmost attention. Understanding that installing gas lights on your home is going to cost money and setting a budget will help you when choosing the gas lights for your home.
  2. Decide on Installation – Before purchasing gas lights it is important to decide who will handle the installation. Even if you are handy around the house and feel you can handle the gas light installation yourself, you may want t to consider hiring a professional. Most gas light manufacturers offer excellent warranties on their gas lights but require that the gas light be installed by a licensed plumber and meets local building codes, and if the gas light features an electronic ignition, the wiring will need to be connected by a licensed electrician. These costs can add up and should be figured into the budget.
  3. Natural Gas or Propane – While there is no real difference in the performance of natural gas and propane for gas lights, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on which fuel source you wish to use.
    • Propane is heavier than air, which is in turn, heavier than natural gas. When released into the open, propane will normally fall to the ground and collect while natural gas will rise and dissipate, which will pose less of a risk of explosion.
    • Propane provides more energy output than natural gas. The amount of heat provided by propane is 2500 BTUs compared to the 1000 BTUs provided by the same volume of natural gas.
    • Natural gas is less expensive. Though propane burns more efficiently than natural gas, natural gas, on average, costs about 80% less than propane. Natural gas, however, may not be readily available – especially if you live in a rural area – and propane may be your only option.
  4. Gas Light America GL021 Old New Orleans Series Copper Natural Gas Light With Open Flame Burner On Wall Mount

  5. Choose a Style and Finish – Are you looking for the classic beauty of an Essex street or the haunting charm of Old New Orleans French Quarter? Gas lights come in a wide variety of styles and finishes to meet the needs of the modern consumer. While many people enjoy watching their copper gas light weather to the antique brown, others enjoy the long-lasting beauty of aluminum gas light models. With modern gas lights your possibilities are almost limitless.
  6. Consider the Mounting Options – There are a variety of mounting options available for gas lights. Depending on the mounting option you choose, you will need to take the extra cost and time to manufacture into effect. If you are looking for gas lights for your entryway then wall mount gas lights are probably what you are looking for. If you have a long walkway or would like lighting throughout your garden, then post mount gas lights may be more to your liking. Consider the many mounting options available and even mix and match to create a gas light display throughout your yard.
  7. Mantle or Open Flame – Another consideration to make is whether your gas lights will have an open flame design or use mantles for lighting. While mantles provide more light, similar to a 60 watt light bulb, many people enjoy the soft ambiance that an open flame provides. Another thing to consider is the prolonged cost of using gas light mantles as gas light mantles will need to be replaced every couple of years. Another thing to consider is if your city has light pollution ordinances in effect. Several towns limit the amount of light that can emit from homes and businesses. Open flame gas lights emit very little light and meet light pollution ordinances.
  8. Electronic Ignition Gas Lights – If you are looking for ease of use with your gas lights, you may want to consider installing an electronic ignition with your gas lights. Electronic ignition modules can only be used with open flame gas lights but allow you to turn the gas light on or off with the flip of a light switch. Another advantage of electronic ignition gas lights is that if the flame is ever blown out it will automatically reignite, meaning gas will not flow freely for more than a few seconds.

Having gas lights installed on your home will add beauty and value that will last for many years. Following these few useful tips can help make purchasing gas lights for your home a much more enjoyable experience and save you from being blind-sided by unexpected costs. When your ready to buy gas lights for your home, visit, they have everything gas light related at discounted prices to make your shopping experience easier than ever.

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2 responses to “Buying Gas Lights

  1. Know anything about interior gas lights? Just realized a few “non-working” interior electric sconces, were in fact “working” gas sconces ;0) Would love to hear a response.

  2. There are a number of similarities between interior and exterior gas lights. Was there a specific question you had about interior gas light operation?

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